Consultation Appraisal®

From $500

Our Consultation Appraisal® is a full appraisal giving a current market value for the property with an “insurance policy”. If we appraise your home prior to you listing your property and a buyer’s bank appraisal comes in low our appraiser will write a rebuttal letter on your behalf countering the bank appraisal. We will support you through the process.


A complete appraisal report with estimated value as well as suggested list price Guidance on improvements that may yield more than their cost. It’s like having a value insurance policy– we stand behind our value and will handle the rebuttal process completely free of charge if the subsequent lenders appraisal comes in lower.**

We also guarantee it will be completed with 48 hours of receipt of lender appraisal. This is where most deals fall apart because the lender appraisal is received so late in the process and there is no time to get third party assistance. Most agent prepared rebuttals are not successful due to a lack of knowledge of what the underwriter is requiring. We are very successful in pinpointing errors and compelling the lender to demand a correct appraisal.

** Property must be priced at or below the recommend value. It must be listed within 30 days of the effective date of our report.


We set the correct expectations for the seller

Knowledge is power – knowing the value the seller can negotiate with power

Identify appraisal issues a bank appraiser may face and be prepared to assist

Accurate pricing is the key to a successful sale

Identify any required or optional repairs

Determine key phsical elements for proper marketing

Our appraisal is strictly confidential and does not need to be disclosed to potential buyers

Have a valuation consultant on your team throughout the process

Market data research conducted shows that homes having a Consultation Appraisal® sell for a greater percentage of list price, in a shorter period of time.