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Consultation Appraisal®

Consultation Appraisal®

Knowing what your home is truly worth puts you in control of the transaction. The combined efforts of an expert sales agent and our expert appraiser make the perfect team.

Academy of Real Estate

Academy of Real Estate

We have developed a reputation of excellence in both the quality and knowledge of our instructors as well as the breadth and depth of our curriculum.

Commercial Appraisal

Fully Documented Commercial Real Estate Appraisals combined with Commercial Evaluations; the same accurate value estimate at a fraction of the cost,


Order / Pay
for an Appraisal

If you have already been provided with an appraisal fee, you can securely pay for that appraisal here. You can order a residential appraisal via our web-site for both conventional and FHA loans, single and multi-family.


The CompFlo Application was developed and designed by a field appraiser for one, very specific purpose: To pull comps. Given the regulatory environment and the ever expanding scope of work, fresh and accurate data absolutely is necessary to building a compliant work-file and a credible report.

Appraisal Institute, Atlanta

The Atlanta Area Chapter of the Appraisal Institute is active in providing education opportunities in the form of advanced education, qualifying education, professional development courses and continuing education seminars.


If you have any questions about what are services are or where on this website you can find what your looking for check out a list of frequently asked questions.

Customer Testimonials

"Scott, Just wanted to thank you for such an informative class you taught at Solid Source today. I have been a Realtor almost seventeen years and this was on one of my all time favorite classes. I loved the interaction and discussion. Thanks again! "

- Luke

"Scott, I wanted to take the time to again thank you, one for returning my call last week, and secondly for reviewing the appraisal and documents I sent over. The home was measured, and the appraisal is back, and we now move on. As I stated last week, I have been diligent over the years in maintaining a relationship with my buddy who is an Appraiser, always trying to view things as you guys do. I will continue to lean on him as he also leans on me for information. Things are very simple for me in that I see them as either right or wrong, all of us working together to make sure folks are treated as we wish to be treated. I'm pleased to see that as a leader in the Appraisal profession you have chosen to lead in a manner that serves others in a positive manner."

- Tim Hinton / RE/MAX Center

"A special thanks to you and Supreme Lending for the very well planned and informative appraisal workshop. I used to get paid big bucks for evaluating workshops and I would give this one a very high rating. Top quality presenter, great comfortable location/setup,tasty food and drink, and much more."

- Lin Litaker / Century 21

“Hello Scott and Mark, we cannot thank you enough for your help with this appraisal challenge. The buyers changed lenders to a new lender and a new appraisal was completed yesterday. The appraiser was not told of our situation and turned in a new appraisal today at $442,000. We are thrilled and appreciate you all so much, we were fortunate that the buyers hung in with us and that the next appraiser saw things as we did. I don’t think most buyers would have proceeded after the terrible appraisal but your strong, factual language encouraged them to hang in with us. You each took valuable time out of your day to help us with this and we are truly grateful to each of you. I am interested to learn what happens with the other appraiser. It just seems so incredibly irresponsible to do what he did and his carelessness could have cost the Kennys a sale and at least $47,000. That is unconscionable. Your efforts and actions were truly professional and exceptional and we so appreciate your detailed responses, you helped at least two families with this, not to mention the agents and the Kennys relocation team and everyone knows it is you who saved this. Thanks so much, enjoy your day!”

- Virginia Moran

“Hello, Just wanted to let you know about my recent experience with an appraisal from your firm. In my effort to sell my condominium, I was in a difficult situation re negotiations with the buyer, since I had no clear idea of my home's value. I needed an appraisal quickly. I got in touch with one of your appraisers, Ms. Pauline Kleiman.Ms. Kleiman was professional and courteous. Her appraisal was thorough and fair. She delivered as promised. I was very impressed. This was one of the most positive business encounters I have ever had. And I am not easily impressed. I believe that her thorough and fair appraisal will be of great help in the effort to get my condominium sold. Ms. Kleiman is a great asset to your firm. As a result of her outstanding work, I will recommend your firm without hesitation to anyone needing appraisal services. Please pass along my thanks to Ms. Kleiman. And thank you for employing excellent people like her.

- George Sciple

“I had a client I referred to D.S. Murphy before listing their property. The seller called and Marty Long completed the appraisal on their condo with a value of $309K. The seller said there was no way it would sale for that. I told the seller that if the appraiser said it would then they would list it for that amount then that’s what it would be listed for. Two weeks later we had a contract on the condo for $309K.”

- Irma Terry / ReMax Greater Atlanta

“Thank you for being so helpful, so generous with your time and for consulting with me. You gave me the knowledge and the ammunition I needed to face my clients, and the parents, where they drilled me for four hours about the injustice of this appraisal and 'what was I going to do to fix it?'. I went into that meeting stronger because of the help you had given me the day before. And I cannot thank you enough for taking time from your very busy schedule to help one agent in a touch place. I always have, and will continue to promote DS Murphy and Associates as the most reputable, respected appraisal firm in this business. You are best. I know that first hand.” Debbie Scott, Realtor - Prudential Georgia Realty

- Debbie Scott / Realtor, Prudential Georgia Realty

"Under Promise & Over Deliver"

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